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    3 different R&D departments with 30+ professional R&D engineers.


    Listed with TUV NORD CE.


    Owned 100+ invented patents.


    2 at least new designs & innovations offer to markets each year.



    NeoDen promises to continue to meet


    the trust and expectation placed in us


    by partners and users without forgetting


    our pioneer spirit of manufacturing


    completely unique SMT machines.


    30+ quality control & technical support engineers.


    10+ senior international sales.


    Customers responding within 8 hours in 365 days.


    Professional solutions providing within 24 hours.


    NeoDen always pursuing in


    supplying the high quality with


    most competitive SMT equipment 


    for our customers to create the


    maximum benefits if possible.



    Hot Sale Products

    NeoDen provide one-stop SMT assembly production line


    If you are interested in SMT industry, welcome to join us.

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    As the first game-changer in the market of desktop pick and place machines in China, NeoDen Tech provides professional and cost-effective SMT (surface mount technology) systems, thousands of which have been sold to more than 140 countries since 2010.


    With the features of ease of use, stability and high precision, NeoDen pick and place machines are well-known among electronic hobbyists, lab researchers and PCB manufacturing.


    To meet the increasing demand of complete one-stop solutions, NeoDen designed and manufactured reflow oven IN6 in 2019 and IN12 in 2020 to work together with solder printers, conveyors, PCB loaders, unloaders, AOI, SPI, BGA rework stations, etc as production line.


    To assure efficient and professional pre-sales and after-sales internationally, a global service network is established from Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe to Australia.


    NeoDen always adheres to independent R & D and attaches great importance to the cultivation of R & D strength. We owns 100+ national patents and our products are CE qualified. NeoDen was and will be trying our best to achieve a new stage by developing new products continuously with innovative technology to meet the ever changing market's needs.


    Always listening to our customers' voice is a constant value of NeoDen, and one that we always strive to achieve.

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